Croatian Motorbike Week is an international gathering that brings together motorbike enthusiasts, their manufacturers and all people who like good entertainment. There is no lack of wild parties for which motorcyclists are famous and notorious, from concerts to various accompanying programs such as the well-known Oldtimer Show, Sexy Show, Custom Show...

The Croatian Motorbike Week


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The Outlook Festival is the largest European festival of bass music and sound system culture. It begins with a spectacular concert in the amphitheater of the city of Pula and continues in the following days on the nearby Štinjan Peninsula and the nearby Punta Christo Fortress.

Festival of electronic

underground music


Spectacvla Antiqva

The Pula Arena is the sixth largest preserved amphitheater in the world. At the time of gladiator fights, about 23,000 spectators could find space in it. In the Roman Empire, these structures were built for the pastime and pleasure of watching brutal gladiator games and beast fights.

Gladiator fights


Arena (Amphitheater)


Pula's Ironman will be a fast and attractive race for both participants and spectators, mainly due to the small difference in altitude, which varies between 200 and 250 meters. The race in Pula will start with swimming at Ambrela Beach on Verudela. There will be three laps of swimming over a total length of 1.9 km, followed by a cycling race that starts in Pula and goes from Loborika, Kanfanar, Rovinj and Vodnjan all the way back to Pula.

The last stage begins on the promenade, the 22 km long flat run through the center of the city. There are three laps to finish in the amphitheater arena, the most spectacular part of the race. The official name of the race is derived from the total distance of 114 km or 70.3 miles.

International triathlon races


Book Fair in Istria

Im einst Marinekasino gennantes Gebaude, Unterhaltungsstätte für zahlreichen Offiziere die osterreichisch-ungarische Monarchie, heute Heim der kroatischen Armee werden neben den kroatischen, auch regionalen europäischen Verlage präsentiert und mit ein Messeermäßigung feilgeboten. Außerdem Verkauf von Büchern bietet die Messe eine Reihe von begleitenden Veranstaltungen…

Book and Author Festival

in Pula